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More Rules

Further explanation: hacking/glitching
Any third-party programs that give an advantage to the user are classified as punishable. This also includes mouse mods, X-ray resource packs/mods, etc. We also punish hacking against bots in the practice server.
If you are not sure about something being classified as hacking/glitching you can contact a staff member by opening a ticket on discord or making a forum post on the site.

Further explanation: Chatting, skins, usernames, builds, profile pictures, ...
There will be no toleration for people who go out of their way to offend/annoy others because we would like to keep the server family-friendly. Advertising without permission will also not be tolerated. Impersonation will also never be tolerated on the server. We would like to keep drama, politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects out of our chats, the same for threats of DDoS and spoilers.
If you want to report something that happened in chat please contact the staff with proof (without proof we can't do anything)
Building: Any excessive redstone usage for a farm that can cause strain on the server will be removed and the builder will be punished.
Scamming: Trading in-game items for real-life money, will not be accepted and will be punished, we will NEVER ask for your Minecraft account details so DON'T share them.

Further explanation: @-ing
In our discord we would like to keep pings to a minimum, so we will punish anybody unnecessarily pinging in the discord. The act of ghost-pinging, pinging somebody, and then deleting it afterward, is also trackable and is also not allowed.

Further explanation: English
We would like to have everybody understand the messages, that is why we rely on a strict only-English policy. In the future, we might add separate channels for different languages.

Further explanation: Griefing
We would like to give our users a nice time building/playing together, this is why we absolutely do not tolerate griefers and will punish them severely. 
If you want to report griefing please contact a staff member with a picture of the aftermath (we will do anything that we can to help you)