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Frosty4443 months ago


RehanM6 months ago

Happy New year! This means RageLands has shut it doors down a video of me stopping all the servers this year has been eventful for RageLands and i am happy to announce that MC.RageLands.net is still alive!!

with its new server Skyblock One Block Skywars Survival Parkour and Practice!! I hope you guys enjoy and this is the year where RageLands will show its best form. Enjoy!


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RehanM6 months ago

What has happened to RageLands?


RageLands was a network with may gamemodes which include Skyblock, Survival, Skywars, KitPVP, Bedwars, Practice, Bridge Practice, The Bridge and MCMMO our trailer was Here and we even sponsored Lego Maestro Here But that did not work I as the owner spent well over 1500 pounds on the server on advertising and plugins though it never worked i tried my hardest and i could not do it. Later as the server went on it got hacked and then lost all its players after that which is a shame that had to happen.


For the past 1-2 months the server dose not even average a single player and so I lost my motivation to carry on this server. I have been spending around 100 pound a month for a very long time and it has gotten no where so I decided this had to end i then brought a server which is a lot cheaper a month to host the network but now the server consists on not many gamemodes such as Skyblock Survival and Practice but now these are more developed and is easier for me to manage.

I have been trying really hard on this server and its shame I could not continute what I wanted to do.

Anyways I do hope you like the new server and I hope we can grow like we were before.

I am the Owner of RageLands bringing you this message thank you for reading.


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