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Rule 1: No hacking or glitching in any kind of way. (Xray, duping,...)
Rule 2: Keep the chat and signs respectful and civil (no spamming, no excessive cursing,...)
Rule 3: Don't have inappropriate or offensive skins, builds, or usernames.
Rule 4: No advertising in chat.
Rule 5: No scamming or phishing

Rule 1: Keep all chats respectful and civil (no spamming, no excessive cursing,...)
Rule 2: Don't have an inappropriate or offensive profile picture or name. 
Rule 3: No NSFW, gore, links, caps lock, advertising,...

Rule 4: No @-ing unnecessary (ghost pinging, @everyone, spam pinging, pinging staff)
Rule 5: Keep conversations in English

Side note:
Staff will always have the upper hand against players